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Timmy is struggling

Sports fanatics,

       The first official sports related entry sadly has to be about something negative. Something mostly every Giants fan has noticed, is that Tim Lincecum is struggling. Struggling and Tim Lincecum shouldnt be used in the same sentence. In this case, it has to. Obviously the two time Cy Young award winner has been dealing with some issues.

       If this was any other pitcher, people probably wouldn’t notice. This is TIM LINCECUM we are talking about! He’s every team’s dream pitcher! Or WAS every team’s dream pitcher. His current ERA IS 3.28 which would be okay for a Matt Cain, or a Santana. Not for the Freak. He has struck out 121 batters which is probably the only thing postive about Tim right now.

        Dont get me wrong, the last thing I want to do is bash about how poorly Tim is playing. I love him to death and hope he gets over this slump soon. Maybe we have all set the expectations too high? Maybe he cant handle all the pressure of living up to the name Cy Young Award Winner. What it is that is really causing problems for Timmy, only time and Tim will tell.

                                                                                 Love, Love, Love,

                                                                                 The Sports Girl