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What a game!! Giants vs Dodgers

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WoW! What a game that was last night! It was so intense and there was so much going on I was lost half the time! Ok, not really, but admit it, it got confusing!

Tim Lincecum was on the mound for the Giants. Tim had about a 2.64 ERA( check it not sure) and a 10-4 record. He was coming off an excellent start against the Mets, in which he pitched a shut out/ complete game. Coming into this game, I think it is fare to say we all expected Tim to keep up his game. Sadly, we were disappointed early.

On the mound for the Dodgers was Kershaw. He got one SO in the first and was looking fairly well.

Tim started off the night with a walk to Rafael Furcal. Rafel would then steal a base to second while Xavier Paul was batting. While Paul doubled on a ground ball to right field, Furcal then scored. Next, Tim would face Ethier who would homer on a fly ball to right field.This giving the Dodgers a 3-0 lead over the Giants. Immedialty I thought, ” Don’t let it be one of those night!” Sadly.. it was.

The Giants were able to put some numbers on the board when Renteria grounded out, allowing Sandoval to score. Kershaw intentionally walked Rowand to get to Lincecum who would strike out.

Lincecum was able to keep the Dodgers from scoring in the second. But in the third, it was a different story. Xavier Paul scored after DeWitt singled on a ground ball to right fielder Andres Torres.Casey Blake doubled on  a line drive to left field allowing Andre to score. End of the third: Dodgers 5 Giants 1.

Lets skip to the fifth where things got really hot. While Matt Kemp was at the plate, he was hit by a high fastball from Lincecum.  Kemp quickly got mad and started walking towards the mound. Tim did the same walking off the mound towards Kemp. When Lincecum was asked in the postgame interview, what he was exactly doing he said, ” I was just doing my part, whatever the hell that was,standing there wearing it.” Lincecum would then be replaced by Bautista. He pitched 4 2/3 innings and lifted his ERA to 3.18.

The rest of the game sadly, I could not watch! But from what I read, alot more batters got hit, and coaches and pitchers ejected. In the end the Giants were able to pull off the win in the nineth.

Love, Love, Love,