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Late… Sorry!

      Sorry, I am late with my post that I was supposed to write about the 7/7/10 game.

       On Wednesday Tim Lincecum and the Giants faced the Brewers. Homeruns were hit before half of the people could find their seats. Torres hit a homer on Narveson second pitch.One out later, Aubrey Huff lined a drive into the second deck in right field.Pat Burrell then singled, and Buster Posey had himself his second home run in three games. By the end of the first innning, Giants had a 4-0 lead over the Brewers. The Giants aren’t the only ones that homered. In the bottom of the third, Weeks homered on a lined drive to center field.

        Then it was the Giants turn again. In the top of the fourth, Sanchez tripled on a line drive to right fielder Corey Hart. Edgar Renteria, Eli Whiteside, and Lincecum scored. Chris Capuano then replaced Narveson. The Giants had a 11-1 lead in the fourth when Buster Posey hit a Grand Slam to right field in which Sanchez, Huff, and Burrell scored.

        In the top of the sixth,Renteria singled on a line drive to center field. Posey then scored. After some more scoring, the Giants won 15-2. They swept the Brewers for the first time in Giants history.

         Oh yeah… the other star. Tim Lincecum had a great outing on the mound as well. Lincecum pitched seven strong inning while striking out 10 batters. His ERA is now 3.16. Narveson pitched three innings( he left just before the third. He struck out three batters and now has an outstanding ERA of 6.02. Lincecum improves to 9-4.

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Happy Timmy day! This is something me and my friends tell each other each day Tim pitches. So today I just wanted to give a preview on the game tonight where Tim will pitch against the Brewers.
Tim will match up against the left hander Chris Narveson who has a record of 7-5 on the season. Narveson is also dealing with a 5.29 ERA. Compare this to Tim Lincecum’s 8-4 record, and 3.28 ERA.
But wait, these stats are on the whole season. Against the Brewers, Tim is 1-2, and has a 5.67 ERA. YIKES! I thought Tim would get an easy one today. Chris, however, hasnt faced the Giants this season.
Tim has lost his previous two starts after winning his three before that. Narverson recently gave up four hits and two runs against the Cardinals.
So…who will win this game? Hopefully Tim of course. We have seen that he has struggled against the Brewers, but who’s to say things wont change tonight.
Enjoy the game! Tomorrow I will give a recap!
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