Sports are for EVERYONE!

Hey Hey,

So I know this article is not about the Giants or any game in particular, but I thought this subject was one that was important. I recently read a blog a girl did defending women who enjoy sports, because they truly love sports. Most people think that girls just talk sports, and pretend to watch to get attention from men. So, I thought I would put my input on this subject too!


Men and some women often say that those girls who claim to like sports, just do it to get attention from men. Which in my case, is false. If a girl only likes sports to get attention, they are crazy. Your man should like you for who you really are, and you shouldnt have to change your likes and dislikes for one human being. Though, I am pretty sure there are some girls who do that.


I simply watch sports because I have a passion and love for it! I love the intensity, and excited that comes with it. I’d pick a sporting event over the mall anyday! You cant see people tackle each other at the mall, or people running up and down dribbling the ball, trying to win a game for their team. I am not saying I am completely against shopping, because I do love to treat myself to something special everyonce in a while. 🙂


So back to the subject.

If men can sit on a couch and cheer for their team, why cant women? We can understand sports just as well as any man can. Our minds dont work any slower, or any faster. We have the same capability.


Another thing men say is that, girls cant talk sports. Your wrong… again! I can talk sports as well, or if not better that 90% percent of all the guys I know, or have come across. I know my stats as well as any other person out there. So to think that we just watch sports to watch sports is wrong! I actually like paying attention to the history, and all the currents stats of the players, because thats a fun part about it!


Something I also get ALOT, is that girls only watch sports to watch men in their tight pants, and see muscular arms.  Which can be true to many women, sometimes for me too…! If men are allowed to watch cheerleaders dance 50% percent naked, why cant we see our men play hard out there! Who knows, maybe some men only like going to games to see half naked women?

My point is…SPORTS IS FOR EVERYONE! It was not created for only one gender. It was created for every human, male or female, to enjoy! ♥

So tell me your opinion… I would love to know!

Love, Love, Love,

The Sports Girl

go giants!!! xoxo

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