Sports are for EVERYONE!

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So I know this article is not about the Giants or any game in particular, but I thought this subject was one that was important. I recently read a blog a girl did defending women who enjoy sports, because they truly love sports. Most people think that girls just talk sports, and pretend to watch to get attention from men. So, I thought I would put my input on this subject too!


Men and some women often say that those girls who claim to like sports, just do it to get attention from men. Which in my case, is false. If a girl only likes sports to get attention, they are crazy. Your man should like you for who you really are, and you shouldnt have to change your likes and dislikes for one human being. Though, I am pretty sure there are some girls who do that.


I simply watch sports because I have a passion and love for it! I love the intensity, and excited that comes with it. I’d pick a sporting event over the mall anyday! You cant see people tackle each other at the mall, or people running up and down dribbling the ball, trying to win a game for their team. I am not saying I am completely against shopping, because I do love to treat myself to something special everyonce in a while. 🙂


So back to the subject.

If men can sit on a couch and cheer for their team, why cant women? We can understand sports just as well as any man can. Our minds dont work any slower, or any faster. We have the same capability.


Another thing men say is that, girls cant talk sports. Your wrong… again! I can talk sports as well, or if not better that 90% percent of all the guys I know, or have come across. I know my stats as well as any other person out there. So to think that we just watch sports to watch sports is wrong! I actually like paying attention to the history, and all the currents stats of the players, because thats a fun part about it!


Something I also get ALOT, is that girls only watch sports to watch men in their tight pants, and see muscular arms.  Which can be true to many women, sometimes for me too…! If men are allowed to watch cheerleaders dance 50% percent naked, why cant we see our men play hard out there! Who knows, maybe some men only like going to games to see half naked women?

My point is…SPORTS IS FOR EVERYONE! It was not created for only one gender. It was created for every human, male or female, to enjoy! ♥

So tell me your opinion… I would love to know!

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The Sports Girl

go giants!!! xoxo

What a game!! Giants vs Dodgers

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WoW! What a game that was last night! It was so intense and there was so much going on I was lost half the time! Ok, not really, but admit it, it got confusing!

Tim Lincecum was on the mound for the Giants. Tim had about a 2.64 ERA( check it not sure) and a 10-4 record. He was coming off an excellent start against the Mets, in which he pitched a shut out/ complete game. Coming into this game, I think it is fare to say we all expected Tim to keep up his game. Sadly, we were disappointed early.

On the mound for the Dodgers was Kershaw. He got one SO in the first and was looking fairly well.

Tim started off the night with a walk to Rafael Furcal. Rafel would then steal a base to second while Xavier Paul was batting. While Paul doubled on a ground ball to right field, Furcal then scored. Next, Tim would face Ethier who would homer on a fly ball to right field.This giving the Dodgers a 3-0 lead over the Giants. Immedialty I thought, ” Don’t let it be one of those night!” Sadly.. it was.

The Giants were able to put some numbers on the board when Renteria grounded out, allowing Sandoval to score. Kershaw intentionally walked Rowand to get to Lincecum who would strike out.

Lincecum was able to keep the Dodgers from scoring in the second. But in the third, it was a different story. Xavier Paul scored after DeWitt singled on a ground ball to right fielder Andres Torres.Casey Blake doubled on  a line drive to left field allowing Andre to score. End of the third: Dodgers 5 Giants 1.

Lets skip to the fifth where things got really hot. While Matt Kemp was at the plate, he was hit by a high fastball from Lincecum.  Kemp quickly got mad and started walking towards the mound. Tim did the same walking off the mound towards Kemp. When Lincecum was asked in the postgame interview, what he was exactly doing he said, ” I was just doing my part, whatever the hell that was,standing there wearing it.” Lincecum would then be replaced by Bautista. He pitched 4 2/3 innings and lifted his ERA to 3.18.

The rest of the game sadly, I could not watch! But from what I read, alot more batters got hit, and coaches and pitchers ejected. In the end the Giants were able to pull off the win in the nineth.

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Good start to second half of season! Mets vs Giants.

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Sorry I am a little late but I’ve been kind of busy. However, I was able to squeeze in the Giants game Thursday night. I had to- it was  TIM LINCECUM DAY!! Before I start, let me give you some updates that you probably already know.

All Star Game:

Tim Lincecum and Brian Wilson had just come home from a busy weekend in Anaheim. Tim didnt pitch a single inning in the game–awww man! Wilson however did.  Before the game Bruce Bochy told NL manager Charlie Manuel that Tim would only pitch if the game went into extra innings. If Tim would have pitched he would have had to miss his start on Thursday.


As some of you may know, Tim was nominated for best MLB player. Sadly, the award was given to some guy named Albert Pujols( SARCASM people, I know who Albert Pujols is, lol. )

Back to Thursdays game. At the mound was Tim Lincecum who would be throwing to Buster Posey vs the New York Mets This was the first time Tim had thrown to Posey this season. Honestly, I was a bit nervous just because I had always heard from Bengie Molina and how it even took him a while to understand where and what Timmy likes to throw. But, Posey didnt let me down. He looked like he was able to locate all the pitches.

 Tim faced the Mets pitcher R.A.Dickey. He would also be facing Beltran who had his first start of the season.  

 In the top of the second Tim quickly got two K’s by striking out the Mets Bay and Thole. Next up was Pablo Sandoval who had been struggling this season. He started off the second half of the season with a double on a line drive to right field, giving Posey a chance to score.

 With all the bases loaded ,still in the bottom of the second. R.A. Dickey intentionally walked Schierholtz to face Tim Lincecum who was unable to deliver.

Lets skip to the top of the fourth where Carlos Beltran stole a base while Ike Davis was batting. Davis lined out to Aubrey Huff giving the Mets three outs. Bottom of the fourth, Ishikawa striked out swinging while Uribe filed out to left field giving the Giants two outs. Pablo giving them the third.

Tim’s only walk of the game was to Jason Bay in the top of the fifth. Jason Thole then singled out to center field while the ball deflected off of Tim’s back though it was nothing serious at all.

 Having pitched seven innings and allowed one run, R.A. Dickey was replaced by Chris Carter in the top of the eighth. That did the Mets no good, so Carter was then replaced by Elmer Dessens.

Timmy then singled out on a ground ball to third making it safely to first. Tim would advance to second base when Rowand singled on a ground ball to Ruben Tejada. None out. Yet another pitching change happened in the eighth. Pedro Feliciano replaced Dessens. If you thought that was the last pitching change of the night, you were WRONG! Feliciano was then replaced by Parnell.

Still in the eighth, Posey reached on a fielders choice giving Rowand the chance to score.

In the nine, the Giants made a defensive substitution by replacing Huff with Torres.

The last batter Tim faced was Ike Davis who grounded out but luckly Sanchez was there to make the catch at throw it to first to end the game.

Tim Lincecum had an excellent night. A night that Bochy says was his best of the season. Which, I could agree with. Check it out, Tim got his tenth win (10-4), 50TH CAREER WIN, nine inning shut out, complete game, 5 k’s, and lowered his ERA  to 2.94. Yesterday, Tim showed the rest of the league why he has won Two Cy’s. 

Great Job Timmy! I’m glad you are gaining confidence and looking like the Cy Young Timmy that captured my love for Giants baseball.

Love Love Love,


Please comment and let me know what ya think! I could use your suggestions. Im only thirteen but I love the game and I love writing about it!

Late… Sorry!

      Sorry, I am late with my post that I was supposed to write about the 7/7/10 game.

       On Wednesday Tim Lincecum and the Giants faced the Brewers. Homeruns were hit before half of the people could find their seats. Torres hit a homer on Narveson second pitch.One out later, Aubrey Huff lined a drive into the second deck in right field.Pat Burrell then singled, and Buster Posey had himself his second home run in three games. By the end of the first innning, Giants had a 4-0 lead over the Brewers. The Giants aren’t the only ones that homered. In the bottom of the third, Weeks homered on a lined drive to center field.

        Then it was the Giants turn again. In the top of the fourth, Sanchez tripled on a line drive to right fielder Corey Hart. Edgar Renteria, Eli Whiteside, and Lincecum scored. Chris Capuano then replaced Narveson. The Giants had a 11-1 lead in the fourth when Buster Posey hit a Grand Slam to right field in which Sanchez, Huff, and Burrell scored.

        In the top of the sixth,Renteria singled on a line drive to center field. Posey then scored. After some more scoring, the Giants won 15-2. They swept the Brewers for the first time in Giants history.

         Oh yeah… the other star. Tim Lincecum had a great outing on the mound as well. Lincecum pitched seven strong inning while striking out 10 batters. His ERA is now 3.16. Narveson pitched three innings( he left just before the third. He struck out three batters and now has an outstanding ERA of 6.02. Lincecum improves to 9-4.

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Happy Timmy day! This is something me and my friends tell each other each day Tim pitches. So today I just wanted to give a preview on the game tonight where Tim will pitch against the Brewers.
Tim will match up against the left hander Chris Narveson who has a record of 7-5 on the season. Narveson is also dealing with a 5.29 ERA. Compare this to Tim Lincecum’s 8-4 record, and 3.28 ERA.
But wait, these stats are on the whole season. Against the Brewers, Tim is 1-2, and has a 5.67 ERA. YIKES! I thought Tim would get an easy one today. Chris, however, hasnt faced the Giants this season.
Tim has lost his previous two starts after winning his three before that. Narverson recently gave up four hits and two runs against the Cardinals.
So…who will win this game? Hopefully Tim of course. We have seen that he has struggled against the Brewers, but who’s to say things wont change tonight.
Enjoy the game! Tomorrow I will give a recap!
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This is just a short announcement to let you guys know that Tim Lincecum is being nominated this year at the ESPYS for the best MLB athlete. Tim really needs your vote!!! Go to ESPN.COM and search ESPYS voting. You dont have to go though all 35 questions, you can just skip to  BEST MLB ATHLETE. You can also do it via Facebook. Just search ESPN and go to the ESPYS VOTING tab. ESPYS are Wednesday so please vote now! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Lincecum and Wilson make all star team

So I got an update on my phone as I was walking out of church, and it was great news. Tim Lincecum and Brian Willson had made the all star team! To tell you the truth, I wasn’t sure if I would be seeing Tim in the all star game this year. He hasn’t been at his best, and wasnt playing the way we know him to. To say the least, I was still happy for him. Tim has been selected to pitch for the two previous All Star games.

Wilson has one all star game on his resume. I actually think Wilson did deserve to represent San Fran in the All star game. He has done really good with a 2.10 ERA, and has 22 saves in the season- ranking second in the NL behind Heath Bell.

I wish these two players the best and hope that they will contribute alot in the effort to get a win for the NL!

Love, Love, Love,


Timmy is struggling

Sports fanatics,

       The first official sports related entry sadly has to be about something negative. Something mostly every Giants fan has noticed, is that Tim Lincecum is struggling. Struggling and Tim Lincecum shouldnt be used in the same sentence. In this case, it has to. Obviously the two time Cy Young award winner has been dealing with some issues.

       If this was any other pitcher, people probably wouldn’t notice. This is TIM LINCECUM we are talking about! He’s every team’s dream pitcher! Or WAS every team’s dream pitcher. His current ERA IS 3.28 which would be okay for a Matt Cain, or a Santana. Not for the Freak. He has struck out 121 batters which is probably the only thing postive about Tim right now.

        Dont get me wrong, the last thing I want to do is bash about how poorly Tim is playing. I love him to death and hope he gets over this slump soon. Maybe we have all set the expectations too high? Maybe he cant handle all the pressure of living up to the name Cy Young Award Winner. What it is that is really causing problems for Timmy, only time and Tim will tell.

                                                                                 Love, Love, Love,

                                                                                 The Sports Girl